Owning a cabin is the dream of many, but owning a waterfront cabin is the cherry on top. Clear Lake waterfront cabins are some of Manitoba’s most sought-after cottages but don’t pop up for sale too often. With crystal clear water and only a small number of cabins on the lakefront, owning a place here is becoming quite difficult. If it fits your budget, you should pursue it.

Clear Lake is not a massive lake, which limits the number of cabins on the lake. Two areas of the lake have waterfront cabins, and each has advantages and disadvantages. On top of that, Riding Mountain National Park decides how many places will be on the water, and it is pretty limited.

The south shore lakefront cabins start at the edge of busy Wasagaming and go along the south lake to Deep Bay Beach. The cottages along the water are a mix of old, new and renovated cabins. A drive or bike ride down Wasagaming Dr, you’ll see a number of company construction signs as cabin owners are either renovating or rebuilding.

There are two things to consider when looking for a cabin along the south shore. How close to you want to be to Wasagaming? The great thing about being close to Wasagaming is you have a short walk to restaurants, shops, the beach and more. As you continue down Wasagaming Drive, you get further away, making that walk longer and longer. That five-minute walk turns into a 20-minute walk, and as lovely as it is to walk around Clear Lake, there are times you need a quick trip and don’t have the time to walk. A few rows of streets run parallel to Wasagaming Dr, where you might find a cabin closer to Wasagaming but cheaper. The downside is that you will not be lakefront. Another downside of being so close to town is that it is busier, and people will be constantly walking by. This only bothers some people, but some people do appreciate their privacy. In that case, further down Wasagaming Drive or North Shore may be a better location for you.

The next option is North Shore. The walk is too far from town, but this could be your location if you want absolute privacy and love nature. Only a handful of cabins are scattered along the North Shore, and you are right in the forest. However, only a handful of cabins are directly on the lake; the rest are a minute’s walk away. Although the cabins are pretty limited on North Shore, they do pop up for sale occasionally, but they sell extremely fast. The last option in Clear Lake is the Old Campground. These cabins are not lakefront but a very short walk to the water. The places are smaller, making them more affordable as well.

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