Real Estate And Cabins For Sale Around Clear Lake, Wasagaming, in Riding Mountain National Park

My name is Kyle Bazylo, a REALTOR© in the Clear Lake area. Clear Lake is one of the most beautiful areas in Manitoba. My goal is to provide you with the best resource possible. There are amazing properties around Clear Lake, Manitoba and Riding Mountain. I keep the listings current because property in this area doesn’t stay on the market long.

Let me help you find the perfect cabin or home. Send me a message today or phone me now: 204-813-8134.

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If you are interested in buying a cabin in this area, I can help you find the best fit. The surrounding area offers a view of Riding Mountain National Park. It draws many people to the Clear Lake area. There is plenty to see here including the beach and the clear water. Some of the surrounding areas also offer cabins including Onanole, Elkhorn, Greyowl Estates, and Wasagaming. Due to the demand for cabins here, seeing what is available as soon as it is listed is important.

I want to help you find exactly what you are looking for. The right location, the right layout, and something in your price range make a difference. I realize it can prove to be a challenge to find the cabin you desire in Clear Lake due to many other people also looking for that type of real estate.

This site was created to help you see the listings and help you find the cabin you dream of in Clear Lake. I encourage you to visit our website and see the cabins currently listed. I also include the Old Campground area listings.

You can conveniently use our menu to help you narrow down your search. Many people desire different areas of Clear Lake, depending on their wants and needs. Many young families want to be in the Old Campground, while other rather be in a little quieter area like Onanole. While some with a bigger budget are looking for Clear Lake waterfront cabins.

While it can be challenging to find the perfect cabin in Clear Lake, Manitoba, don’t get discouraged. can help you through the process and ensure you have access to new listings as soon as they are offered. I can answer questions, assist you with seeing cabins in person, and help you overcome any barriers standing in your way.

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