Wasagaming Old Campground Cabins For Sale

The Old Campground in Clear Lake, Manitoba, is one of Manitoba’s hidden gems. Tucked away in the trees between Wasgaming and the boat launch, it sits hidden in the perfect location.

Decades ago, tiny cabins filled five streets in the Old Campground. In the early years, everyone cooked in “cookshacks” or “kitchenettes,” as they call them there. Pillared, open buildings with wood-burning fires in the middle is where all the cooking was done. As there was no water, bathrooms were scattered throughout, and a central shower building was where everyone washed up. Come winter, the cabins were hauled out of the area.

Because the lot sizes are so small, you cannot enlarge your footprint. Riding Mountain National Park eventually started letting cabin owners build up, up and increase their square footage. Then, approximately a decade ago, the park lets people install their water and own bathroom.

The Old Campground is a three seasoned leased area. Because the land is Park land, you technically do not own your lot, but you can keep your lease for several decades and renew it when the time comes. Initially, those looking to buy a cabin in Clear Lake could not get a mortgage because the land is leased. However, years ago, Riding Mountain Nation Park appraised the Old Campground lots, making it easier for those looking for cabins for sale to obtain a mortgage. However, it still takes a lot of work, and many banks are unfamiliar with it.

There are many reason people want to buy a Cabin in the Old Campground near Wasagaming:

  1. You are close to absolutely everything. You are steps from the water, the boat launch, the town, the park, the tennis courts and more.
  2. Cabins are slightly more affordable, as the biggest cabin you can have is 768 square feet. But note, since covid, like everything else, the prices have gone up significantly.
  3. The community and atmosphere make the Old Campground so unique. It is filled with families with kids playing in the streets, swimming, and loving the outdoors. Families, neighbours and friends will gather on decks, the road or cookshack and enjoy the beautiful area. You need to experience it in person to see what the appeal is. To some, a small cabin or cabins close to each other could be more appealing. But once you experience it, it’s hard not to want to be a part of it.

There are several hundred cabins in the Old Campground, and a handful of cottages are often for sale. However, be warned, these cabins sell extremely fast. They sell so fast that many cabin owners do not need to list them with a realtor to be featured on the MLS. Many will put a sign in the window or tell a few friends, and it spreads like wildfire.

Types Of Cabins In The Old Campground

old campground

There are basically three different types of cabins located in the Old Campground:

The Originals

The original cabins are usually 12-16 feet wide and 24 feet long. They either haven’t been renovated at all or have had minimal renovations. These were built before water entered the old campground so most still do not have water. In this current market, these cabins are selling for anywhere from $140,000-$180,000. For the most part, you are paying for the lot, the actual cabin doesn’t have a lot of value.

Renovated Cabins

Once water was added to the Old Campground people incorporated it and renovated their cabins. The park allowed cabin owners to add an additional four feet to the cabins, so many people took the time and money to add a proper bathroom and made the rest of the cabin bigger as well. With most of the cabins renovated, larger in size and water plumbed, these types of cabins are going for around $250,000.

New Build Cabins

new loft

Years ago, rather than allowing cabin owners to expand their footprint, they decided to let builds go to two floors. However, they set a maximum footprint of 768 sqft. With that amount that means you can either have a loft style cabin with a full main floor, or you can do a full two story cabin but it will have a small footprint in order to stay within 768 sqft. At this time, these cabins are selling for $350,000-$400,000.

What Does A New Build Cost?

A new cabin build will cost anywhere from $220,000-$350,000+, depending on the builder and finishings. Being outside of the city, you are paying a premium for labour. If you’re able to do some of the work yourself, you can save quite a bit of money.

How Can You Buy A Cabin In The Old Campground?

You must be fast if you want to buy a cottage in the Old Campground. If you have friends or family there, ask them to watch for cabins for sale. Once they are for sale, they don’t last long. As an owner in the Old Campground, I walk the streets and often see signs popping up or hear from friends that cabins are for sale. If you want to be informed immediately about a place for sale, leave your name below, and I will contact you when something is available.

Do you want to be kept up to date about Clear Lake real estate and Old Campground properties? Not only does Manitoba real estate rules prevent me from showing ALL cabins for sale, many people sell privately with a sign in the window. I keep an eye on private sales for you and can also send you all cabins for sale, plus new ones as soon as they hit the market. If you have any interest in a cabin in the Clear Lake region, enter your details below.

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