Welcome to beautiful Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. I am Kyle Bayzlo, your trusted realtor who will show you everything this area offers. Clear Lake is a common name for the area, but you’ll hear terms like Onanole (the town just outside the park), Wasagaming (the small strip inside the park), Elkhorn, Grey Owl, and several different ‘estates .’ These areas are scattered in and around Clear Lake.

Not only have I been coming to Clear Lake since 2001, but our family has a cabin here, and we stay here with any free time we have, spring, summer, fall and winter. Summer is spent at the lake once our two kids are out of school. Our two white labrador retrievers, Sam and Finn, love the trails, swimming in the lake, and the rare ice cream treats!

Once you experience Clear Lake’s beauty, you don’t want to leave, and most people feel the same way. Since COVID-19, the demand for the area has been on the rise. As an expert in the area, I aim to help you find your new home or part-time or year-round cabin while walking you through the different leases, park rules and fees in all the other areas.

clear lake with family