Onanole, Manitoba, is a small town in the Parkland area just outside Riding Mountain National Park and a short distance from Wasagming (Clear Lake). With its beautiful hilly land and proximity to Clear Lake, it is a popular tourist destination in the summer months. A town of approximately 500 grows exponentially in the summer months. There are hotels, RV parks, campgrounds and Airbnbs in the area. With housing and cabin prices a little cheaper as it is outside the Park, it is a sought-after destination.

Onanole Cabins and Homes For Sale

Real Estate prices on cabins and homes are more affordable in this area as you aren’t directly in Clear Lake or close to the water. However, those may be shortfalls, but the perks of this area more than make up for it. Similar to Wasgaming, quite a few shops and restaurants are nearby.

Sporty’s RV Park is the centre of attention. Besides accommodations, they have fantastic pizza, live music, markets and several other events that attract and bring in even more people to the area.

Poplar Ridge golf course is a hidden gem. Getting a tee time is more affordable and easier than at the well-known Clear Lake golf course. The lush grass and rolling hills make it a challenging and fun course.

Home Hardware has both groceries and alcohol for those that want to make Onanole their home or cabin. However, you can expect to pay more versus regular grocery stores as there aren’t many options in the area. A short drive to Erickson and shopping at Co-op for your long-term stay may be a better option. That being said, Home Hardware is a convenient stop when you require something.

If you are looking for a house for sale, quite a few are in the area, and always at least a few are coming to market. If you are looking for a cabin or cottage to buy, there are also quite a few in the area.

Grey Owl Estates is just a few minutes north of Onanole and on the edge of Riding Mountain National Park. This area is appealing as the cabins are more affordable than inside the Park. Yet, you are only a few minutes away from the amenities of both Wasgaming and Onanole. There are 212 cabins in this area, and it has a great community feel. With enough room between cabins, you can meet with your neighbours or keep to yourself when you want to have a quiet day.

Aside from Grey Owl Estates, there are other real estate options in the area. Due to the popularity of Onanole and the fact you are the land owner versus leasing inside the Park, many developers have begun expanding in and around Onanole. Developers and realtors are buying up chunks of land, either a) selling lots or b) building cabins and selling turnkey options.

If you want to buy a cabin, cottage or house in or around Onanole, please get in touch with me. As someone that knows the Clear Lake area inside and out, I can give you insight into all areas in and out of the Park.

Do you want to be kept up to date about Clear Lake real estate and Onanole properties? Not only does Manitoba real estate rules prevent me from showing ALL cabins for sale, many people sell privately with a sign in the window. I keep an eye on private sales for you and can also send you all cabins for sale, plus new ones as soon as they hit the market. If you have any interest in a cabin in the Clear Lake region, enter your details below.

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