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We had a fast snow melt, and the cabin real estate market is heating up. I just wanted to give a quick market update on what is going on around Clear Lake.

Cabins In Clear Lake

You will always pay a premium price to live in the actual park at Riding Mountain. From my experience and sales, I estimate that land near the lake will go for roughly $300,000. So, any lot with a cabin will more than likely start around $400,000+.

There are four cabins for sale near town, which is quite rare. These cabins range from $430,000-$800,000. The $800,000 cabin is a lakefront cabin, which only comes up occasionally. It’s not a perfect lakefront cabin as you aren’t right on the water, but you have a lake view, and it’s a short walk down the stairs to reach the lake.

You can see these four cabins here:


Outside of Clear Lake

There are quite a few active listings near the park… too many to go over. However, there are cabins for every budget, from $160,000 up to well over $1,000,000. You can see them here:


Old Campground

There has also been some action in the Old Campground. The cabin below was listed for $450,000, with an open house planned for this weekend, but the seller has already accepted an offer, and the cabin has been sold.

There is currently one new build for sale in the Old Campground. It was for sale last year in fall and is now back on the market. It is sold privately and I believe the price is around $440,000. If you are interested in seeing it, please let me know.

And in what is a rare occurrence, there is an empty lot for sale in the Old Campground. With this lot, you have two options: you can do a brand new build or find someone selling their old cabin for cheap and use that one for the short or long term.

The list price for the lot is $125,000 and the seller is accepting offers June 17. With it being a month away, I expect several offers on this lot. I assume that it will go for over $125,000.  You can see the listing here:


New construction builds cost approximately $250,000-$375,000, depending on your builder and finishes. If you want to make an offer, please email or call me and we can discuss the best strategy.

That’s my quick update for May. If you interested in seeing any cottages please send me an email or give me a call/text: 204-813-8134. I’m always around.

Want to chat about the area? Give me a call or text: 204-813-8134. Or simply reply to this email.

Thank you so much for reading.

Kyle Bazylo

eXp Realty


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