Happy New Year

I hope you had a great holiday. It’s freezing out, but we aren’t too far from spring, and some people are starting to get the cabin itch already!

Here is a quick breakdown of what is happening in and around Clear Lake.

Many people wait until closer to spring to list their cabin for sale, but there is already some movement. Currently, on the MLS, there are ten lots and 14 Cabins for sale near Clear Lake. A small number of private sales are not listed on the MLS.

New Elkhorn Spa

Elkhorn Spa

Elkhorn’s new spa opened in December, and it is a beautiful spot to spend the day. My family and I spent a few days at Elkhorn and visited the spa. It was $80 per person, comparable to most luxury spas—something to check out, especially in the spring or fall.

With more amenities, hotels and restaurants opening up, many of these business owners will try to make Clear Lake a popular year-round getaway. There are a couple family/businesses that continue to buy up the commercial real estate around downtown Clear Lake. And with increased popularity, it is doubtful we will see a price drop in cabins and land soon.

This is the first and only cabin newly listed in 2024:

new cabin for sale

At 1080sqft feet, there is quite a bit of room, especially with a $209,900 price tag. What I like about this cabin is that you are only about a 20-minute walk to downtown Clear Lake. The closer you get, the more expensive it gets. Anything in the Old Campground near town would be significantly more costly. The old campground maxes out at 768 sqft feet, and you would be paying around $400,000. Another nice thing about this location is that it is next to Elkhorn Resort.

Speaking of the Old Campground, two for sale right now that aren’t listed anywhere.

old campground cottage

This one is a gorgeous new build, a block from the water. They are selling it for $430,000, but we may have some wiggle room. That may seem high to some, but remember that an old cabin needing repairs and no water costs $150,000-$200,000. The build cost for this one is well over $300,000. Any newer build in the old campground will cost $400,000 minimum. Last fall, one sold for $430,000; this one is five years more unique with higher-end finishings.

Another cabin with pictures to come – This smaller cabin is all about location. It’s a half block from the water, and these usually go slightly more than the rest of the old campground. It is a smaller cabin but has water. Initially listed for over $250,000 last fall, I’m working with them to help them sell and possibly decrease the price.

Onanole and Area

Although only a few cabins are for sale, we have a wide range that can meet most budgets. There are a couple in the Grey Owl Estate area, just outside the park, ranging from $159,000 to $250,000. Then a few sprinkled around Onanole and Elkhorn, going anywhere from $400,000 to $800,000. And one absolute monster on 180 Whirlpool Drive sits on its own small lake/pond covering an 83-acre lot. The place is stunning. Listed price of $1,650,000. Here is a picture of it:

luxury clear lake cabin


Currently, there are no waterfront cabins for sale along Wasagaming Dr.


There are a few lots for sale ranging from $60,000 to $75,000 just outside the park near Grey Owl estates. If building is something you are interested in, send me a message about the different lots available.

As always, I’m here for any questions and to help you find your new cabin or house around Clear Lake. Let me know if you want me to keep an eye on something in a specific area or budget.

Want to chat about the area? Give me a text/call: 204-813-8134. Or use my contact form.

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